Amphitheater vs amphitheatre

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An amphitheater is a round or oval building surrounding an arena suitable for presenting sporting events or dramatic events. An amphitheater is usually open to the outside, seating is tiered around the arena for spectators. The word amphitheater comes from the Greek word amphitheatron, meaning with spectators all around. The design of the amphitheater was invented in Ancient Greece, though the earliest amphitheaters were only semi-circular. The Colosseum is an example of an amphitheater, as is the Hollywood Bowl. The American spelling is amphitheater.

Amphitheatre is the Canadian and British spelling of the word.


His first stop is at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater (formerly the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater) on Thursday, June 2. (The Pitch)

The city amphitheater will feature local entertainment with the intent to make it a focal point of the community, to host local bands, mariachi and other events to bring people to the downtown area. (The Brownsville Herald)

Waite Park City Council unanimously approved Monday a proposal from Oertel Architects of St. Paul to develop a concept plan for a proposed amphitheater on the city’s west side. (The St. Cloud Times)

“We’ve applied a new color scheme, revitalized all the buildings, renovated and upgraded the (VIP) club, the box seats and the bathrooms, and cleaned, primed and repainted the permanent seats,” said Chris Fritz, president of New West Presentations, which operates the amphitheater formerly known as Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. (The Kansas City Star)

“The sculpture garden is unique in Canberra, it’s a glorious amphitheatre which is perfect for the performing aspect and there’s also plenty of big trees. (The Canberra Times)

Wearing a crisp white Arabian robe and headdress, Alhinai cranes his glasses upward as his drone climbs above an outdoor amphitheatre in downtown Dubai, and explains how it can swoop down and squirt 3D printed sealant onto damaged oil pipelines.  (The Jordan Times)