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The word pentagon may be rendered with a lowercase p or an uppercase P. Capitalizing or not capitalizing the word pentagon changes its meaning. We will examine the difference between the words pentagon and Pentagon, where the terms came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

A pentagon is a figure in plane geometry consisting of five straight sides and five angles. The sum of the angles of a simple pentagon is 540 degrees. The word pentagon is derived from the Greek word pentagonon which means five-angled.

The Pentagon, spelled with an uppercase P, is a term for the United States Department of Defense, which includes all of the military of the United States. The term comes from the building which serves as the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, situated in Washington D.C. The headquarters is shaped like a pentagon, and is also referred to as the Pentagon. The building was opened in 1943, and the term the Pentagon to mean the United States Department of Defense came into use in 1945.


The base is shaped like a pentagon and its supports the steel. (The New Canaanite)

His self-designed studios, in Mumbai, are shaped like a pentagon, a concept he picked up from two London-based sound designers, who have worked with the likes of Pink Floyd while setting up a studio in Santacruz in 1998. (The Indian Express)

President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare options for drawing down American troops in South Korea, just weeks before he holds a landmark meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, according to several people briefed on the deliberations. (The New York Times)

An old fighter jet being refurbished at a hangar in Missouri is the first of several planes being sent to the Boeing facility as the Pentagon spends the biggest budget in its history. (The Navy Times)