With egg on one’s face

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With egg on one’s face means means appearing ridiculous or foolish because of one’s actions. The phrase with egg on one’s face is an American idiom, though the origins are murky. One possible source goes back to popular theater during the 1800s and early 1900s. Sub-par actors would often be pelted with rotten vegetables and eggs, and therefore, end up with egg on their faces. Another possible origin stems from the farmyard. Farm dogs sometimes develop a taste for eggs, and in order to find which dog is the perpetrator, a farmer will look for the egg on the cur’s face which is a sure sign of guilt.


I could be setting myself up for the biggest egg on my face ever here if someone does go, but I believe what I’m doing is right so we’ll get on with it. (The Herald Scotland)

I tried to impersonate an actor for a fundraiser several years ago and failed spectacularly, leaving me with egg on my face. (The Winnipeg Free Press)

Boy, would you have egg on your face if they weren’t laid out on the table, ready for guests to devour. (The Toledo Blade)

Even college coaches will agree that you really need to be pursuing and communicating with as many schools as possible so you don’t end up with egg on your face. (USA Today)

Furthermore, Ms Swaraj has come off with egg on her face after having emphatically ruled out meeting Pakistan on foreign soil. (The Business Standard)

Cross winds left Jordan Spieth with egg on his face. and bacon on his 1st hole of the day (10th) during round 1 of the Australian Open Golf Champioship at The Australian Golf Club , Rosebery. (The Daily Telegraph)

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