Cast a wide net

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Cast a wide net is an idiom with an uncertain origin. We will examine the meaning of the common saying cast a wide net, where it came from, and some examples of its idiomatic usage in sentences.

Cast a wide net means to investigate a wide array of solutions for a problem or to involve many people or other elements into one’s activity. Though the exact origin of the phrase cast a wide net is not known, we do know that it comes from fishing. If a fisherman casts a big net over a big area, he will catch more fish than a fisherman using a smaller net. Related phrases are casts a wide net, casting a wide net.


“It may cast a wide net and keep people from exposing others but it’s a high burden on individuals and society keeping people out of work,” said DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay. (Delaware State News)

Ms. Hobson has pushed for companies that Ariel invests in to cast a wide net for talent. (Wall Street Journal)

He also cast a wide net of suspicion on the mail-in ballot process alleging that the process would benefit the Democrats who would somehow tamper with the ballots. (Chicago Crusader)

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