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Peer means 1.) to look searchingly or with difficulty, to attempt to obtain a clearer view of something 2.) a person or thing that is equal with another specified person or thing in status, ability, rank or age. 3.) a member of British or Irish nobility, including the ranks of duke or duchess, marqus or marchioness, earl or countess, viscount or viscountess and baron or baroness. This system is referred to as peerage. The word peer comes from the Anglo-French peir, meaning an equal in rank or status. Related terms are peer review, a scientific or academic evaluation by others in the same field, and peer pressure, the influence of one’s sociological group.

A pier is a structure built on pillars that begins on land and extends into the ocean. A pier may be used as a fishing area, a landing for boats or an entertainment area. A supporting pillar in a bridge or an arch is also called a pier. Pier comes from the Old French word, pire, which means a breakwater.


Lowell scientists peer into Pluto’s atmosphere (Arizona Daily Sun)

Smartphone App Will Peer Into Japanese Sake Labels (Wall Street Journal)

The married peer was accused of “staggering” hypocrisy due to his role as head of the Lords standards watchdog, which sits in judgement over misbehaving peers. (The Mirror)

Who wins when a scary, but edge-pushing new climate study led by one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists makes headlines before it is either peer reviewed or published? (The New York Times)

Research suggests brain exercises which focus on self-control may enable youngsters to resist peer pressure – and stop them engaging in ‘risk-taking’ behaviours such as joining gangs, binge-drinking and taking drugs. (The Daily Mail)

As the summer season turns to the summer holidays for most families, Britain’s piers are filling up with visitors. (The Guardian)

The pier is built for walking, and it reaches a long way out from the shore. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

The rocks are the remains of piers that once supported the original Franklin Avenue Bridge constructed in 1889. (The Star Tribune)

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