14 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs—From Copy to Content

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Danielle McLeod is a highly qualified secondary English Language Arts Instructor who brings a diverse educational background to her classroom. With degrees in science, English, and literacy, she has worked to create cross-curricular materials to bridge learning gaps and help students focus on effective writing and speech techniques. Currently working as a dual credit technical writing instructor at a Career and Technical Education Center, her curriculum development surrounds student focus on effective communication for future career choices.

Freelance writing jobs are diverse opportunities where writers work independently on a contract basis, crafting content for various niches, clients, and industries. This includes assignments such as blog posts, web content, marketing materials, copywriting, and technical writing. Freelancers typically enjoy flexible schedules and work arrangements.

The surge in popularity of freelance writing can be attributed to several factors. First, freelance writers can work from anywhere and manage their schedules, providing a better work-life balance. Additionally, they can pursue their passions and interests.

This article reviews the types of freelance positions available to various writing professions, what each entails, and the income potential within these diverse specialties. If you have considered stepping into freelance writing work, this is the material you should consider when making a decision. Keep reading to see if this is a field in which you can grow your potential. 

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What Are the Types of Freelance Writing Jobs?

The types of freelance writing jobs are:

  • Blog writing
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • SEO writing
  • Content writing
  • Academic writing
  • Grant writing
  • Resume writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Product review writing
  • Travel writing
  • Medical writing
  • E-book writing 

Blog Writing

Blog writers are responsible for creating engaging and informative content for blogs. They research, write, and edit blog posts on various topics, catering to an audience’s interests and needs.

Blog writers’ income can vary significantly depending on various factors, including traffic and engagement, monetary strategies, skill, and industry needs. While some bloggers are paid per word, others may be paid by each publication. Generally, this position generates between $700 and $1400 a month.


Copywriters create persuasive content for various marketing materials. Their work entails capturing the target audience’s attention and effectively communicating brand messages. They may write copy for advertisements, websites, product descriptions, social media posts, email campaigns, etc.

Copywriters‘ income varies depending on experience, skill level, location, project scope, and freelance vs. in-house work. Entry-level copywriting is generally paid in relation to state minimum wage, but experienced copywriters can make six figures with the right job. 

Technical Writing

Technical writers are responsible for creating clear, concise documentation explaining complex technical concepts and procedures. They produce materials such as user manuals, instructional guides, online help systems, FAQs, and technical specifications. 

As with any freelance job, their income depends on the writer’s skill set and level and who they are working for. Entry-level writers make less than more experienced writers, but you can expect a median income of approximately $35 to $40 an hour.


Ghostwriters are professional writers hired to write on behalf of someone else. They work closely with clients to understand their vision, voice, and objectives. Ghostwriters write books, articles, blog posts, speeches, and other forms of content while maintaining the client’s anonymity. 

More experienced and well-known ghostwriters often command higher rates, but an overall salary will depend on the length and complexity of a project. Because they often require signing non-disclosure agreements, this can also affect rates. 

Successful and well-recommended ghostwriters can make between $50,000 and $70,000 per year.

SEO Writing

SEO writers specialize in creating content optimized for search engines. They combine their writing skills with knowledge of search engine optimization techniques to increase website visibility and organic traffic. They create informative articles, blog posts, web pages, and other forms of online content that align with search engine algorithms.

Experienced and proven SEO freelance writers can easily make three figures. However, the majority make between $10 and $15 an hour based on the amount of work they are willing to take on at any given time.

Content Writing

Content writers are responsible for creating engaging, informative, and high-quality articles, blog posts, social media content, website copy, and other forms of digital content.

They may work independently or with a team to ensure the content aligns with the brand’s voice, objectives, and SEO best practices.

The median income of the average full-time freelance writer usually averages $50,000 a year. Being able to write on various subjects and having a proven track record are all factors that come with experience. Beginning or part-time writers can expect to bring in $10,000 to $25,000 annually with each client. 

Academic Writing

What Are the Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

Academic writers specialize in producing scholarly content for educational and research purposes. They create well-researched and structured papers, essays, reports, literature reviews, and other academic documents. They are expected to be proficient in various citation styles, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Academic writing is a freelance specialty niche generally filled with people with advanced degrees and knowledge. However, the job is not always long-term or as consistent as other freelance opportunities. Most academic writers charge, on average, $40/hour for their work.

Grant Writing

Grant writers are responsible for preparing and submitting proposals to secure funding for various organizations and projects. They research grant opportunities, gather information, and develop persuasive grant proposals that effectively communicate the project’s goals and objectives. 

Effective grant writers are highly sought after, and pay depends on a proven track record of successful grant application acceptances throughout their careers. Full-time, experienced writers can expect to make $75,000 annually. 

Resume Writing

Resume writers specialize in creating professional resumes that effectively highlight a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience. They craft concise, well-structured resumes that grab the attention of hiring managers and showcase the candidate’s objective. They may also provide additional services such as cover letter writing and career coaching.

Resume writing is a unique niche that requires expertise in the field. Pay is generally based on experience and the level of knowledge one has regarding the professionalism a person requires on their resume. Well-established resume freelance writers can expect to make an average of $4000 per month with steady work. 


Scriptwriters, also known as screenwriters, write scripts for various media forms, including film, television, theater, and digital platforms. They often work closely with directors, producers, and other production team members to ensure the script aligns with the project’s vision and requirements. 

As with all freelance opportunities, pay scales are based on the writer’s experience and specific material. Scriptwriting is a niche that doesn’t always command as high pay as other specialties. The median hourly wage is approximately $24. 

Product Review Writing

Product review writers specialize in evaluating and writing informative and unbiased reviews of various products or services. They assess the product’s features, quality, performance, and value and provide an objective analysis.

Product review writers may conduct research, test the product, or gather information from other sources to provide an accurate and comprehensive review. They may work independently or collaborate with publications, websites, or brands to provide valuable insights to consumers.

Average pay is close to $23 per hour, with most submissions paying $75 or more. 

Travel Writing

Travel writers create engaging and descriptive content about travel destinations and experiences. They provide useful information for travelers and convey their personal experiences and insights. Travel writers may write articles, blog posts, travel guides, or contribute to travel publications. 

The income potential for travel writing varies greatly depending on the assignment. Some writers are required to travel and may have their itinerary paid for as part of their pay, while others offer their own experiences at hourly rates. Most make between $25 and $30 an hour but can make more. 

Medical Writing

Medical writers specialize in creating accurate and clear healthcare, medicine, and scientific research content. They assist in writing and editing research papers that report on clinical trials, scientific studies, or medical findings.

Medical writers translate complex medical information into accessible language for healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public. They often collaborate with researchers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare organizations.

Expertise in this field is highly valued, and income generally reflects the level of skill required for consistent work. Often, medical writers are doctors themselves and work on contract, between $100 and $150 an hour. Less specialized areas of need (such as synthesizing info into brochures) pay an average of $23 to $25 an hour. 

E-book Writing

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E-book writers create engaging and informative content for e-books. They may work independently or be commissioned by publishers, businesses, or individuals to write e-books. They may also collaborate with editors, designers, and marketers to produce a polished final product.

E-book writing is often passive work and may generate less money than other freelance positions. When self-published, a percentage of a book’s sales is usually the main source of income. 


The type of freelance writing that pays the most can vary depending on industry demand, specialized expertise, and the writer’s experience level. However, some freelance writing niches tend to command higher rates than others:

  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Grant writing
  • Subject matter experts

Yes, freelance writers are in high demand across various industries and sectors.

Yes, freelancing comes with inherent risks that individuals should be aware of, including:

  • Income instability
  • Lack of job security
  • Lack of benefits

The easiest type of freelance writing can vary depending on an individual’s skills, interests, and experience. However, some entry-level freelance writing opportunities that are relatively easy to break into include:

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Freelance marketplaces
  • Content writing platforms

Freelance writing services are typically paid for by various individuals, businesses, organizations, and publications seeking written content for various purposes.


Freelance writing offers writers various opportunities to earn an income while using their writing knowledge and talent and pursuing their interests. From blogging and copywriting to technical writing and content marketing, there are countless niches and specialties to explore within the freelance writing industry. 

Through honing skills and strengths and seizing opportunities that align with their interests and expertise, writers can find stable work to make a decent living.