As an adjective carrot-and-stick refers to the carrot and stick (also known as the carrot or stick) idiom. The phrase means a methodology or system of rules that incorporates reward and punishment to elicit a certain behavior. In order to motivate a donkey to move, there are two methods. Either you strike it with a stick …

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How to Make a Last Name Plural or Possessive – Rules & Examples

Every year I receive Christmas cards, and like clockwork, at least one of them uses an apostrophe -s to donate a plural last name. Although this may seem cringe-worthy to a grammarian, the confusion is understandable. Making a last name plural or possessive can be a little tricky, but if …

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Is “Vice President” Capitalized And Hyphenated?

Nouns are an essential part of your speech. They comprise many of the subjects and objects of your sentences, and how you use them helps clarify your message to your readers. Nouns are either common or proper and help define some of the details of your work. Common nouns name …

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A.D., B.C., B.C.E., C.E.

A.D.: (anno domini, Latin for in the year of the lord) the period beginning with the year 1. C.E.: common era, an alternative term for A.D. B.C.: (before christ) all time before the year 1. B.C.E.: before common era.


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How to Hyphenate an Age

When phrases like 12-year-old are adjectives, they are hyphenated when they precede what they modify, and unhyphenated when they follow what they modify. As nouns, they are hyphenated.

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E-book, ebook, eBook

Outside the U.K., e-book is the preferred form. In the U.K., ebook prevails. The latter will likely catch on elsewhere.


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Do You Capitalize The Word “Internet”?

The first letter is usually capitalized in edited U.S. and Canadian writing (though not in informal writing). It is uncapitalized outside the U.S.


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Is “President” Capitalized?

It’s capitalized when it’s a title immediately preceding the name of a president of a country. Elsewhere, there’s no reason to capitalize it.