A hyperbole is a figure of speech. Figures of speech are rhetorical constructions that are to be taken non-literally. This rhetorical device is used to make a point in an emotional fashion or to make a point in a more vivid fashion in figurative language. Hyperbole is pronounced high-PER-bo-lee, and is one of many literary devices such as an idiom, a paradox, an oxymoron, and similes and metaphors. We will examine what a hyperbole is with some examples, and where …

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The Straw Man Fallacy: Meaning and Examples

Have you engaged in a heated argument, but they try to exaggerate your stance? Then you might be a victim of that person’s straw man argument. Find out the definition of a straw man argument and some straw man fallacy examples in media and politics. I’ll also show you how to spot, counter, and avoid the informal fallacy! Strawman Argument Example Strawman arguments commonly occur when making choices. A person takes someone else’s point then exaggerates it. For example, a …

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