A hyperbole is a figure of speech. Figures of speech are rhetorical constructions that are to be taken non-literally. This rhetorical device is used to make a point in an emotional fashion or to make a point in a more vivid fashion in figurative language. Hyperbole is pronounced high-PER-bo-lee, and …

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The Straw Man Fallacy Meaning and Examples 2

The Straw Man Fallacy: Meaning and Examples

A Straw Man Fallacy is a sly debating technique where an individual misrepresents another person’s argument to make it easier to attack. In simpler terms, it’s like setting up a dummy version of an opponent’s stance just to knock it down. It’s basically a less-than-honest rhetorical tactic that can make …

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Proof by example

the fallacy involving deriving general conclusions from one or a few examples.

Poisoning the well

the fallacy involving preemptively discrediting what an opponent says.