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What is an Ellipsis and How to Use It (With Examples)

The English language can be complex not only because of word choice and sentence structure but also because of its many punctuation marks. The ellipsis is a punctuation mark that can signify more than one thing or belong in more than one place, sounding confusing.  But using ellipses is easy! …

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Comma Rules and Usage With Examples

The comma is used more than any other punctuation in writing. Because of this, there are many misinterpretations of where a comma belongs, rule misuses, and myths provided by poor teaching practices.  No, you do not use a comma anytime you take a breath when reading a sentence, but a …

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How and When to Use a Colon (With Examples)

English has several kinds of punctuation, one of which is the colon (:). Contrary to popular belief, this punctuation mark’s function is easy to remember: it introduces additional information after a complete thought. Nope, this colon post isn’t about your internal organs! Keep reading to learn the different functions of …

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