Interview with Peter Harvey

Please meet Peter Harvey, EFL teacher, author and translator. Please introduce yourself and provide some background information. I am a qualified UK secondary-school teacher specialising in EFL, but I have never taught in the UK. After teaching English in Germany, Zambia and Saudi Arabia I came to live in Barcelona, …

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Interview with James Harbeck

The Grammarist is proud to introduce, James Harbeck, author, speaker and taster of words.Please introduce yourself and provide some background information. I’m James Harbeck. I make my living as an editor, writer, and layout designer. I blog as a word taster and sentence sommelier. I have a BFA, MA, and …

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Interview with Arthur Plotnik

Arthur Plotnik is a versatile author with a distinguished background in editing and publishing. Two of his nine books have been featured selections of the Book of the Month Club: — The Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts Into Words (Holt, B&N), now in a new and expanded edition from Viva …

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