Compound words

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Above Board, Above-Board or Aboveboard

The shift of some compound words from two to one word proves that language is constantly evolving. One example is above board, above-board, and aboveboard. Find out the correct spelling of the adjective and how to use it properly in a sentence. Is It Above Board, Above-Board, or Aboveboard? Above …

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Blockbuster – Meaning & Examples

What is a blockbuster? Blockbuster is a noun used to describe something that has become successful, usually a movie or book. Let’s explore its meaning and origin in this article. Check out my examples showing how to use it in a sentence. Blockbuster Meaning A blockbuster is a noun that …

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What Is a Honeymoon? – Origin & Meaning

The word honeymoon first appeared in 1546, alluding to the idea that marriage is much sweeter during the first month. Today, its definition has drastically changed, to say the least. What is a honeymoon? Where did the term honeymoon come from? All the answers are in this guide. Find out …

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