English lessons via Skype

English Classes Online Are The Future

Today I’d like to write about a wonderful service I stumbled upon that can help anyone at any level who wishes to improve his or her English skills and gain fluency and confidence in this language that is, as we all know, essential to business and communication at all levels worldwide. These services are provided by a company named Break Into English, an online English academy that employs qualified, native English teachers from all around the anglo world and offers …

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English in flux: 10 word peeves that should be laid to rest

The truism that English evolves can be difficult to accept for those of us who love the language and value the range of expression it offers. When the meaning of an old, useful word erodes, or when an unappealing upstart encroaches on the territory of an old favorite, our natural response is to resist the change. What we too often forget is that the language we love is a product of centuries of flux. Every word we use was once new, …

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Grammarly Review 2017 – Does it do all it claims to do?

Update: If you are looking for an IOS app we have the perfect solution – grammarist app It’s a well-established fact that proofreading your writing can be a very painful task. Yes, some writers smirk at the very mention of proofreading—they never proofread their work because their work is the product of the moment. But people who write for a living—as well as anyone who has to write important emails or assignments—can tell you that proofreading your work before you …

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