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FLOTUS is an acronym that stands for First Lady Of The United States. An acronym is an abbreviation of a phrase formed from the first letters of each word. FLOTUS is now an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, it is pronounced with a long o.

FLOTUS doesn’t appear until the early 1980s, coming into usage within the Secret Service and other governmental agencies. Television shows such as West Wing probably familiarized the term to the general public, FLOTUS is now used freely in print and online.

First Lady of the United States is an unofficial position occupied by the wife of the United States’ president. FLOTUS only applies the woman currently occupying the White House with her husband.


This FLOTUS Sandwich Is The Selfie ‘Scandal’ Fans Have Been Waiting For (The Huffington Post)

The FLOTUS Enjoys Workout Cults As Much As You Do (New York Magazine)

We’ve got three FLOTUS-approved recipes you can recreate at home. (People)

Although other big names were in attendance — like Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda and Melanie Griffith– the best-dressed of the night still goes to our girl FLOTUS. (The Huffington Post)

FLOTUS chose a pair of white Phillip Lim wide-leg pants with a black top and cropped jacket and white tennis shoes. (USA Today)

Fictional ‘bad’ FLOTUS Robin Wright introduces Michelle Obama (Can-India News)

‘As we walked down the steps, FLOTUS was holding my hand,’ Jarvis said, as if the First Lady was happily leading her into her new life. (The Daily Mail)

Michelle also makes it clear, that the video is in response to President Barack Obama’s ‘Gimme Five’ clip ( to commemorate the fifth anniversary of FLOTUS’ ‘Let’s Move’ campaign). (The Daily News and Analysis)

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