Erratum, addendum and corrigendum

  • Erratum, addendum and corrigendum are all terms that are used in publishing, legal documents and computer programs. We will examine the difference in meaning between erratum, addendum and corrigendum, where these terms came from and some examples of their use in sentences.


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    Erratum refers to an error in a published material, a legal document or a computer program. The plural form of erratum is errata. Generally, errata is added to a recently published book in the form of inserted pages or at the end of a voluminous legal document. These corrections will be made in the next printing of the work. The word erratum is derived from the Latin word errare which means to wander or to make a mistake.

    Addendum refers to information or material that is added to published material, a a legal document or computer program. The plural form of addendum is addenda. An addendum is placed at the end of published material as additional information or documentation that is not needed in the original work, but does add more depth to the subject. The word addendum is derived from the Latin word addendus, meaning that which must be added.


    Corrigendum refers to text or material that is to be subtracted from published material, a legal document or a computer program. The plural form of corrigendum is corrigenda. Corrigenda usually list words and phrases that should be removed from the text, and provide the alternative words and phrases that should be inserted. The word corrigendum is derived from the Latin word corrigere, which means to correct.


    Perhaps a more immediate and better project for the commission is to compile a list of errata. (The Falmouth Enterprise)

    Prospects of oil exploration in Lake Malawi remain a controversial issue in the country, with a fresh appeal to President Peter Mutharika not to approve the addendum to 30-year agreement, arguing that the deal will Malawi a raw deal and an incoherent fiscal package. (The Maravi Post)

    “Even scientists have to issue corrigenda to their peer-reviewed papers.” (The Belfast Telegraph)


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