Tide over


Tide over is a transitive verb (meaning that it is an action that has a direct object). The verb means to aide or provide resources for a short amount of time. It may refer to life-sustaining needs, such as, money or food or sleep, etc. Or, it may be used concerning addictions or simply cravings.

The verb dates back to the early 1800s.

Tide can also be a verb on its own, either transitive or intransitive. Without an object (intransitive) it means to move as the tide moves, in and out or up and down, rhythmic. With an object (transitive) tide means to float or move as if by the tide.


The state government has urged Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to consider extending concessions for the sugar sector to tide over a sharp financial downturn that has led to unrest among farmers and sugar mill owners in Maharashtra. [Indian Express]

While the third season of cult thriller Hannibal doesn’t appear on our screens until the summer, fans will be pleased to hear that NBC has released a tasty teaser trailer to tide us over until the dapper doctor returns. [TIME]

Those who work in industries where employment is an off and on kind of thing should try to build up an emergency reserve to tide them over the periods without income. [Wall Street Journal]

Until that period, Rahane and Rayudu had tided over the probing phase through plenty of pluck and a little bit of luck, but were just beginning to tick over when Rahane charged Finn and tried to clear the infield, only for Taylor to run back from mid-on and complete a smart catch. [Wisden India]

The couple’s very first entry into the hospitality industry and the real estate business began on a whim, but, the gamble has worked well with the 154-room resort tiding over the recent slowdown in tourism. [Times of India]


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