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Mancession is a neologism—a fusion of man and recession—used in reference to the recent U.S. recession’s disproportionately harsh effects on men.

The word is somewhat troubling. Akin to other man-based neologisms like man cave, mantrum, and man crush, it makes light of millions of people’s hardship by implying that a historic economic calamity is a quirky trend. Plus, it’s clunky, and it sounds like “man session.”

Still, there was a brief period in which the word was trending even in edited publications, suggesting that some serious writers had no problem with it. As of early 2013, it is no longer very common.


The current “mancession” has hit male-dominated professions hardest. [Economist]

Remember the mancession? People started to see it more than a year ago, when male unemployment was racing past 10 percent months before the official rate hit double digits. [Atlantic]

The Great Recession has sometimes been dubbed the Mancession because it drove unemployment among men higher than unemployment among women. [New York Times]

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