kludge is a temporary solution to a problem, usually with mismatched parts. It is a synonym for jury-rig and its variants. It can also be spelled kluge. 

To kludge is to create a kludge of other material. It is most often found with the word together.

It can be phonetically confused with sludge or crud, but does not carry the connotation of being dirty.

The term came about in the 1960s, mainly in the computer world as a synonym for fudge, as in to fudge a solution. To date kludge is found more often in computer-related references.


Windows 8 hasn’t gone over well. It’s an odd kludge that forces you to bounce back and forth between a tile screen designed for tablets and a desktop screen designed for PCs. [Tulsa World]

It’s all the most glorious kludge, an ad hoc arrangement… [Forbes]

Which means all the players—except the Dodgers themselves—are especially vulnerable to political pressure right now. A political kludge is inevitable. [Wall Street Journal]

This leads us to the second item (2), namely efficient naturally selected systems being a hopelessly complex bunch of kludges, of “dirty little tricks” that just happen to survive well. [Science 2.0]

What he’d created that night in March 1983 was a modest object by almost any measure, but it was one that marked a concept decades ahead of its time, a sci-fi notion birthed into this world on a machine that — as the inventor would later tell The New York Times — “was so kludged together that it looked post-apocalyptic, like some of the equipment they used in that movie Waterworld.” [Digital Trends]


While he admits administrators looking for control might try tools like Puppet or Chef, and  there are several open source point solutions that you could kluge together to make a management solution, there has been a dearth of commercial solutions aimed specifically at the management side, specifically designed to manage Docker containers, especially ones that can scale to hundreds or even thousands of Docker instances –and that’s what they hope to offer. [Tech Crunch]

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