Another of the latest entries to the Oxford online dictionary is hate-watch, a verb for the practice of watching a television show or movie for the sole purpose to criticize or make fun. The verb is hyphenated as one word.

It conjugates to hate-watched, hate-watching, and hate-watches. A person can be a hate-watcher. A show could be a hate-watch as well.

Be aware that with new words, dictionaries tend to disagree. One states spelling as one word or two without the hyphen is also acceptable, while others do not recognize it as a word at all. Your audience will likely also be of a varied mind about its use.

Hatewatch as one word is also a blog run to bring awareness to online bigotry.


Under the Dome, broadcast on CBS in the US and Channel 5 in the UK, is TV’s latest, greatest hate-watch. [Guardian]

The good news is that most of the people venting online are probably going to see the film anyway if only to hate-watch or because they are film writers and it’s somewhat their job to see high profile releases such as this one. [Forbes]

The show stars Debra Messing, who will likely continue to be hate-watched in some quarters as she was on Smash, as Laura, a New York homicide detective who loves to mention shopping at Target when she’s not punishing her disobedient preschoolers who look like they are 7 or 8. [Toledo Blade]

Complaints about the booking grew Monday after the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog called attention to the appearance, labeling it a “PR disaster.” [Spokesman-Review]

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