Foist is a verb which means to make someone or something accept something that he or she does not desire. It comes with the connotation that the acceptance comes by trickery or falsehoods. A slightly alternate definition is to pass something off as real or of value.

foister is someone who foists things.


Viewers have long wanted to pay only for the channels they watch, not the bundle that cable companies foist upon them. [Business Insider India]

So if you can’t get what you want through talks, or through terror –as the second intifada showed – then a third tactic is needed: getting the world to foist a solution on Israel. [Jerusalem Post]

This plan foists the problem on neighbors outside the districts. [Corvallis Gazette Times]

Apart from the usual utterances of revulsion on the immigrant question and the fixations that promise to lead us out of the EU, I have yet to hear a substantial debate on the Nation’s deficit, or how they would deal with any future austerity programme in the years ahead, all of which has been foisted on the shoulders of the ordinary workers and their families to pay for the avaracious banks and city gents whose practice of malfeasance have left us and the future at risk. [Northamptonshire Telegraph]

Why should we borrow so much, foisting our profligacy on our children and grandchildren – who will, even without the burden of our debts, face life in a much more competitive world. [The Telegraph] 

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