Aberrant describes something as deviating from the norm. It makes aberrance, aberrancy, and aberrantly. 

Several other forms derive from aberration, which is the object that is deviating from the norm. It makes aberrational and a rare form is aberrative or tending to deviate from norms.


Durst family outcast Robert Durst’s aberrant behavior surfaced again in July, when he allegedly urinated on a cash register and candy rack at a Houston CVS store. [Commercial Observer]

Various research groups around the world are investigating whether aberrant stem cells might give rise to these tumours, but that still to be determined. [Huffington Post Canada]

Mayor Mujahid Awawida said the idea had arisen from the “aberrance” currently ravaging the entire Middle East, the most perfidious excrescence of which is IS – a terrorist organisation that he feels poses a greater threat to Islam than all its enemies throughout history. [Qantara]

Of course it was a time when “PC” meant no more than “private corporation” and the aberrancy of political correctness was nowhere on the horizon. [Sentinel]

“In other words, loss of the RB1 gene results in abnormal proliferation because the cone precursor cells lack a self-monitoring ‘surveillance system,’ which would normally cause aberrantly proliferating cells to undergo apoptosis. Instead, cells are able to divide uncontrollably and eventually become cancerous.” [Bioscience Technology]

An independent firm raised a red flag in Structured Portfolio Management’s 2008 compliance review and a later review found that Aqueous’ trading performance was aberrational between September 2007 to January 2009. [Forbes]

The seasons they amassed 100 points and won scoring titles were aberrative — career years that inflated offensive averages and created unrealistic expectations of continued productivity. Even the Sedins said they weren’t 100-point scorers. [Vancouver Sun]

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