Viz. – Usage, Meaning and Abbreviation

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As you navigate the English language, you might come across the abbreviation “viz.” from time to time because nothing about it lends an idea to what it is or what it means.

So, let’s explore the meaning of “viz.” and its connection to the more common term “vis-à-vis.” I’ll go over all the details of both and share some simple sentence examples with you.

Viz. Abbreviation Explained

Viz. Usage Meaning Abbreviation

“Viz.” is simply an abbreviation of the Latin term “videlicet,” which translates to words and phrases like “literally” or “that is to say.” You’ll probably find it more commonly used to provide clarification or specify a list of items in a sentence.

  • I’m going to the store for, viz., milk, eggs, hamburger meat and salad ingredients.

Meaning of Vis-à-Vis

“Vis-à-vis” is a French term and loanword we use in English that translates to “face-to-face.” You use it to describe the relationship or comparison between two people or things, usually in the context of position or opposition.

Proper Usage of Viz.

You should use the word “viz.” if you need to provide clarification or specify a list of items in a sentence.

Should There Always Be a Period After “Viz”?

Yes, there should always be a period following the word “viz.” because it’s an abbreviation, and we always include a period at the end of an abbreviation when writing. Also, make sure it’s surrounded by commas within the sentence.

Viz. Pronunciation

“Viz.” is pronounced as it reads, viz, and rhymes with words like biz and whiz.

What Are the Synonyms of Viz.?

  • Namely
  • That is to say
  • Specifically
  • In other words
  • To wit

Using Viz. in a Sentence

Viz. Usage Meaning Abbreviation 1

Sometimes seeing examples in a sentence can help us imagine how to use a certain word.

  • The fruits I used in the trifle recipe are, viz., apples, oranges and bananas.
  • The tech company’s CEO will meet with the board members, viz., Mr. Smith, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Brown on Friday.
  • Candace’s new interior design philosophy is minimalist, viz., simple lines and clean colors.
  • Our new health food store in town offers three types of fruit smoothies, viz., tropical, berry blend and green delight.
  • My daughter loves that her school provides various extracurricular activities for all the students, viz., sports, music, arts and drama.
  • The TED Talk and tech conference will cover four main topics, viz., artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis and cybersecurity.
  • Our discussion panel on writing and publishing covers topics, viz., creating outlines, self-editing and formatting.
  • There are three primary financial statements you need to learn if you want to work here, viz., the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

How Will You Use Viz.?

At first, the term viz. seems a little confusing, but once you understand its actual meaning, you should be able to use it with ease. Hopefully, my quick guide helped explain the answers to any questions you had. Just remember, viz. basically means specifically or in other words.