Superstorm is an unusually large storm, often one resulting from multiple storms that have joined forces. A superstorm is severe and affects a large area. The term may be applied to a rain storm, wind storm, snow storm or sand storm.

Superstorm is not a meteorological term. It is often used by journalists, but superstorm is not a term found in the Meteorological Society’s Glossary of Meteorology. Meteorologists classify storms scientifically, with the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, the Fujita Scale for rating tornadoes and the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale for blizzards.

Google’s Ngram Viewer shows the word superstorm was first coined in 1954, beginning in 1996 the term’s popularity has skyrocketed.


In the two-and-a-half years since Superstorm Sandy many people have puzzled over the question of why New Jersey has received substantially less federal aid than New York, even though both states suffered roughly the same amount of damage — close to $37 billion. (Philadelphia Business Journal)

Solar Superstorm Film Voiced By Benedict Cumberbatch Explains How The Sun Could Shutdown Technology (Huffington Post)

A couple devastated by Superstorm Sandy now has hundreds of thousands of reasons to celebrate: They’ve won the Connecticut state lottery. (The New York Post)

Cook family among the lucky survivors of Sydney superstorm’s wrath (The Daily Telegraph)

Once every 20 or 30 years, a superstorm greater than any on Earth breaks out on Saturn and whips around the planet in a violent spectacle that rages for months on end. (The Daily Mail)

Responding to United Policyholders’ requests for information, FEMA has so far acknowledged a set of 2,647 appeals associated with 2012’s Superstorm Sandy alone. (The International Business Times)

Nuri’s spawn, the Bering Sea superstorm, has kicked the jet stream over North America into an exaggerated wavy pattern. (Discover Magazine)

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