Strategy vs tactic

A strategy is an overall plan for success directed toward a desired result. Strategy incorporates concepts and philosophy in order to advance broader goals, it may involve several different tactics.

A tactic is a short-term plan, task or procedure aimed at a specific outcome. A tactic pin-points one aspect of an overall problem or goal, the results arrive quickly.

Strategy comes from the Greek word strategia, which means generalship. The plural of strategy is strategies, the verb form is strategize. One who constructs strategies is a strategist.

Tactic comes from the Greek word taktos, which means ordered, arranged. The plural of tactic is tactics, one who constructs tactics is a tactician. The adjective form is tactical.


To tackle what he called the “struggle of our generation” Mr. Cameron outlined a counter-extremism strategy designed to halt the spread in Britain of the radical ideology promoted by Islamic State militants (IS or ISIL) in Syria and Iraq. (The Hindu)

Even so, investors and analysts said it was an appropriate time to consider an exit strategy. (The South China Morning Post)

The direction for stocks is still up after the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index topped its previous closing high, according to Morgan Stanley chief U.S. equity strategist Adam Parker. (The Globe and Mail)

SEXUAL violence is being increasingly used as an instrument of war and a tactic of terrorism, the federal government has warned.  (The Herald Sun)

Paul Pearson, a Victoria defence lawyer, said in light of the Supreme Court of Canada decision, he expects police will be changing their tactics. (The Times Colonist)

Rival coaches don’t need to be a canny tactician to counter it, they just need the right cattle. (The Sydney Morning Herald)


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