Spin doctor

A spin doctor is a spokesperson whose job is to reinterpret information in a way that is favorable to a particular political candidate, politician or company. A spin doctor is a public relations professional employed to bend the interpretation of specific events or speeches in favor of his client. The term spin doctor was coined in America in the 1980s to describe the army of public relations men whose job it was to try to shape the opinions of reporters after the Reagan-Mondale debates. The phrase comes from a combination of the word spin, used since the 1800s to describe the weaving of a tale, and doctor, someone who fixes something that is ailing.


Maybe that’s really the reason lady-in-waiting-to-be-President Clinton took time out from shaking hands and pointing to people in the audience she doesn’t know to visit with fictional spin doctor Olivia Pope on the set of “Scandal” Tuesday. (The New York Daily)

Damian McBride, the former spin doctor for Gordon Brown who was forced to resign over a smear scandal, has been hired by Labour to be political adviser to Emily Thornberry, the shadow defence secretary. (The Guardian)

A sheepish Liberal Democrat spin doctor has admitted he was embarrassed after booking a photo opportunity with party leader Nick Clegg at a Cathkin dogging hotspot. (The Scottish Daily Record)

Bill Shorten’s chief spin doctor, Kimberley Gardiner, is leaving the Opposition Leader’s office by mutual agreement following an internal review ahead of the next election. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Good points perhaps but those putting forth the negative side, which included Boeing spin doctor James Baker, won the day based on audience applause. (The Courier Mail)

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