The word scuffle has been in use since at least the end of the 1500s. We will examine the meaning of the word scuffle, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

A scuffle is a brief fight. A scuffle involves a hurried struggle that does not usually end with severe injuries, but may involve minor injuries. Scuffle may also refer to a shuffling sound. The word scuffle is used as a noun or a verb, related words are scuffles, scuffled, scuffling. In addition, scuffle may be used literally or figuratively, to mean a mental struggle or contest of wills. The word scuffle is derived from the Swedish word skuffa or the Old Norse word skyfa, meaning to push aside.


Television footage of the pre-match incident appeared to show Farrell and Scotland No 8 Ryan Wilson involved in a scuffle before team-mates intervened as the squads returned to their changing rooms after the warm-up. (The Telegraph)

Italian police scuffled with about a hundred far-left protesters marching against a neo-fascist party event in the northern city of Turin on Thursday, a sign of increasing tensions ahead of the March 4 national election. (Reuters)

Plasterer Adam Minor became embroiled in ‘a scuffle’ with his estranged wife when he tried to grab her mobile phone – after becoming concerned she was seeing someone else. (The Stoke Sentinel)

A 35-year-old East Dundee man was sentenced to nine years in prison this week after being convicted of possessing cocaine near an Elgin park in March 2017, intending to sell it, and scuffling with police who arrested him. (The Chicago Daily Herald)

A day after the scuffle between the camps of the wrestlers, an FIR was filed against Sushil under sections 323 [voluntarily causing hurt] and 341 [wrongful restraint] of the IPC. (The Times of India)


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