Rejig vs. rejigger

Both rejig and rejigger mean to rearrange an object. Rejigger is the preferred form in the US, and outside the US the standard is rejig.

Rejig also makes rejigged, rejigs, and rejigging; while rejigger makes rejiggers, rejiggering, and rejiggered.

Sometimes the word is also used as a noun, so one can do a rejig.


UTI Asset Management Company is keen on a rejig in shareholding so that the mutual fund can become an independent asset management company. [Calcutta Telegraph]

Sources said Chennithala had a meeting with Chandy the other day in which he has made it clear that the rejig should not be done at the cost of the ‘I’ group ministers. [Times of India]

Both Rob and I began to feel that history was being slowly polished and nudged and rejigged. [The Guardian]

The impact of the rejigs will be felt ahead of the actual reweighting exercise, as well as during it, with some investors “anticipate the potential impact the reweighting process might have” on prices of futures, or spreads between them. [Agrimoney]


For example, all of these financial firms advise corporations on mergers and acquisitions, on issuing debt and on how to rejigger their financial structures. [NY Times]

Now, when you’re putting in full work days, you can’t swim, run, bike, and backhand your way through the day, but you can rejigger the game to fit your life. [Forbes]

Criticized as aloof and stiff in that race, she rejiggered her approach, shaking hands in diners and speaking more openly about her personal life, including her brother’s suicide. [Boston Globe]

2 thoughts on “Rejig vs. rejigger”

  1. I’m not sure that “rejigger” is preferred outside the United States. I’ve never heard it in my 61 years living in the U.K., while “rejig” is very familiar.

    • She got it backwards. The examples from inside the U.S. are for “rejigger.” Outside, it’s “rejig.” This is yet another example of a blogger not proofreading a post prior to publication.


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