Quackery is an interesting word that is in no way related to ducks. The word quackery is often applied to diets, supplements, and other medical movements. We will examine the meaning of the word quackery, where it came from, and some examples of its use in sentences.

Quackery means the practice of fraudulent medicine, the exaggeration of health claims for a particular medical treatment, the touting of unproven or pseudoscientific alternative treatments. Western medicine always tests for the safety and effectiveness of conventional medicine and medical treatments. Quackery includes treating patients with alternative remedies, therapies, treatments and medicine that give the patient false hope. Any cure that claims to be a panacea should be met with skepticism. Nutritional supplements, natural therapies, therapeutic touch or massage therapy, holistic medicine and other alternative treatments may often speed the healing process. Alternative therapies such as dietary supplements are often offered even by medical doctors as complementary treatments to Western medicine. As long as there are no adverse effects, many Western doctors will allow treatments that are not scientifically proven, even if they only achieve a placebo effect on the patient. Quackery involves the use of remedies that actually harm the patient or delay or replace the proper treatment for an ailment or disease. Many “magical” medical machines were invented during the Victorian era and at the turn of the twentieth century, which actually harmed the patient. Today, quackery includes the arguments against vaccination and other pseudoscientific movements. Someone who practices quackery is called a quack. The word quackery is derived from a seventeenth century Dutch word, quacksalver, which means a salve huckster.


For those of us in the medical profession, such pseudoscientific quackery has dangerous implications for our patient populations and for society as a whole. (The Savannah Morning News)

According to sources in the Health Department, each team is comprised of two inspectors to strictly discourage quackery and seal their outlets after proper inspection. (The International News)

This should be a due process of reducing quackery and upholding professionalism just as was being done by the Nigerian Medical Association and Nigerian Bar Association, he added. (The Nation)

“The idea of conversion therapy is a quackery and serves no purpose in our region,” said Mayor Don Scott, who announced he would pursue the motion at the start of Pride Week this past August. (Fort McMurray Today)

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