Pervert vs subvert

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Pervert means to distort, to use something wrongly, to corrupt, to draw someone away from the right path, to corrupt someone into deviant behaviors. Pervert may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are perverts, perverted, perverting, perverter, pervertible. The word pervert is derived from the Latin word pervertere, which means to overturn or overthrow, to corrupt, to turn the wrong way around.

Subvert means to undermine authority, to bring the downfall of something or someone, to undermine the moral principles of someone or an institution. Subvert is a verb, related words are subverts, subverted, subverting, subverter. The word subvert is derived from the Latin word subvertere, which means to overturn, to overthrow, to turn upside down.


A vigilante group has captured the moment it snared a pervert who tried to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. (The Mirror)

A pervert who taped a mobile phone to his tennis racket to secretly film up teenage girl’s skirts was ordered to carry out 20 days of rehabilitation today. (The Daily Mail)

When a perverted idea of liberty, one that elevates wants to rights, strikes at religious freedom, it strikes at the heart of freedom itself. (The Australian)

Nigeria’s women authors subvert tradition with love stories (The Hindu)

“We will soon launch a series of actions to subvert the elections which will largely undermine the legitimacy of the polls,” Chan warned as he vowed to challenge the decision in court via a judicial review or election petition. (The South China Morning POst)

Stapleton has been hailed as a new standard in country, subverting the genre by evoking an old sound — Waylon, Hank, Merle, Skynyrd. (The Peoria Journal Star)