Interview with Abed Elmansur

Grammarist is happy to introduce Abed Elmansur, owner and editor of an online casino in the arabic language: Online Casino (كازينو اون لاين)

Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.

My name is Abed Elkawini, I’m an Associate Professor of Math at the Qatar University at Doha, with a major in English literature from the ULV. I run a site that covers the online casino in arabic (online-casino-arabic), and I’m trying to balance the my two hobbies: calculating statistics and strategies for the online casino industry, as well as English literature.

Math and English are two different areas. How did you end up having an academic degree in both?
After graduating, my parents sent me to the United States to get my first degree. I went to Las Vegas, and lived there for 5 years to get my English degree. I was fascinated by the gaming industry (gaming is really just a nice word that’s lately been used for gambling), specifically by the different odds and math behind roulette, blackjack, and the rest of the casino games. Apparently, you can significantly change the statistics and odds to your favour if you master certain game strategies.
So when I moved back home, I majored mathematics, and developed expertise in the casino games area. I even started my own blog about it, which covers online casino and casino games strategies (eg Roulette, Blackjack, etc.), odds, and methods.

How do Gambling and Casino fit into your life?

Mostly as a hobby, I’ve been running odds and strategies for the various casino games. I’m giving lectures in the area of statistics and games science, and have been able to take my hobby into something that I actively work with- teaching, and promoting- in the Arab world, as much as it’s possible- as in some Arab countries casino games are completely banned.

How do English and Grammar fit into your life?

I run my lectures in English, even to Arabic speakers. I encounter a lot of interesting grammar issues and grammar mistakes made by non-native English speakers. That made me start to investigate how and how English grammar mistakes are created and rooted within the spoken language of each and every one of us.
As I’m researching the Arabic language and it’s grammar, I’ve encountered countless cases where translation from English to Arabic shows roots of words and phrases.

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