Hurricane, typhoon and cyclone

A hurricane is a massive, rotating, tropical storm occurring in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the eastern Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. There are five categories of hurricanes based on sustained wind speed. A tropical storm becomes a category one hurricane when sustained winds reach 74 miles per hour, the threshold for a category five hurricane is sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. The word hurricane appears in the mid-sixteenth century as a maladaptation of the Spanish word, huracan.

A typhoon is a massive, rotating tropical storm occurring in the Indian Ocean or the western Pacific Ocean. A typhoon is the same strength and the same type of storm as a hurricane, the difference is the geographic location. The word typhoon comes from Greek word typhon, also influenced by the Chinese term tái fēng. The Chinese characters for this word and others may be found on the Chinese Tools website.

A cyclone is a massive, rotating tropical storm occurring in the South Pacific. A cyclone is the same strength and the same type of storm as a hurricane and a typhoon, the difference is the geographic location. The word cyclone was invented by a British East India employee, Henry Piddington, in 1848, from the Greek kyklon, meaning moving in a circle, whirling around. The word cyclone is also used in the American Midwest to refer to a tornado, which is a sudden, rotating vortex of destructive winds.


LABOUR Minister Shane Gibson acknowledged “concerns” about how government will fund the first phase of its National Health Insurance scheme, which is expected to be rolled out next January, in view of recovery efforts for Hurricane Joaquin. (The Bahamas Tribune)

Authorities and aid workers in the Philippines are assessing losses and providing assistance for survivors of Typhoon Koppu, which killed 58 people and caused 8.6 billion pesos ($185 million) of damage to farms and fisheries. (Reuters)

People in these parts which had withstood maximum brunt of October 29-30, 1999 cyclone are no more taking chances when cyclone or tsunami warning is sounded. (The New Indian Express)

In the company’s embryonic stage, it was the Missouri Farmers Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Insurance Company. (The Columbia Business Times)

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