Grub can mean an insect larva, to dig in the ground, or food. The food definition is very informal, even though it has been around for centuries, deriving from animals who dig in the ground for their food.

Also, a related phrase money-grubbing can be understood as digging, or enthusiastically searching, for money.


Ms. Micic said thresholds depended on the cost of spraying versus the size of the crop. “The larger the grub the more damage it will do, and in canola or even lupins the native budworm will keep feeding even after crops are swathed,” she said. [Farm Weekly Australia]

Now I did not revel in the prospect of grubbing out the Ruby Violet Edwards Memorial fig bush. [The Times News]

By early spring 2012, workers from Joseph B. Fay Co. of Russellton cleared, grubbed and stripped the site and removed sections of the concrete primary spillway as part of a $4.04 million contract, which also called for them to construct a new primary spillway, reset hand-placed stone on the upstream slope of the dam and “armor” its crest. [Observer Reporter]

The term Shylock originated in William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice,” whose lead character by that name is a ruthless Jewish moneylender. Many have accused the play of having anti-Semitic undertones, and perpetuating the stereotype of Jews as money-grubbing and sly. [Times of Israel]

Along with some seriously scrumptious grub, this years “We Got Yer Goat Cook-off” event will also include a Kids Corral activity area, a Washer Pitching Tournament. [Johnson City Record Courier]

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