Football fields

As a unit for measuring area, football field is roughly equal to an acre or, to use another colloquial measurement term, a city block. As a measurement of length, it’s roughly 100 yards. The term can be useful for giving a vague sense of size, but it’s also imprecise and perhaps condescending to adult readers who are familiar with standard measurement terms.


Nearly three football fields long and more than 14 stories high, the Iowa is one of the biggest warships ever built. [Los Angeles Times]

Left alone, the whole complex, which is larger than two football fields, could plummet to the ground. [CBC]

Nearly 38,000 solar panels are spread across land the size of several football fields. [NPR]

Pilgrims will camp out under the stars in an area the size of 48 football fields and hundreds of priests are on hand to listen. [Telegraph]

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  1. In the US, people can visualize a football field much more readily than they can an acre or 100 yards. The Iowa warship is a prime example. It is much easier to visualize three football fields back to back and 14 stories high than it is to visualize 300 feet long and 140 (using a 10 foot story) It’s not a matter of insulting the reader; the real world units make it easier to visualize than an arbitrary measure (such as foot).


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