Fodder vs father

Fodder and father are two words that are close in pronunciation, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Especially with certain local accents, the two are sometimes confused. We will examine the definitions of fodder and father, where these words came from as well as some examples of their use in sentences.

The literal meaning of the word fodder is food for livestock. Animals are programmed to forage, and many farmers and ranchers allow their livestock to graze grass in the pasture, but feeding animals over the long term is not that easy. Breeders must be sure that their goats, sheep, poultry and cows receive the correct nutrition over the year. Animal feeds of all sorts are used to supplement animal nutrition in an agricultural setting. Maize, corn or sugar cane stalks, hays, grains such as barley, corn and oats and other fodder are used as animal feed. Sprouted grain is used as chicken feed in order to increase egg production. Horse feeds such as alfalfa hay and Timothy hay are especially good fodder for horses. Fodder is a good food source during times of drought or other bad weather, such as winter weather, when animals may be shut up in a barn. Silage may be stored to be used during the winter months when grass is not growing. Commercial pellets that are formulated to have balanced nutrients are an expensive type of livestock feed or fodder, but may yield more robust beef cattle or more productive dairy cattle. Sorghum syrup and molasses are often added for nutritional value. Careful regulation of livestock fodder can help prevent diseases and unnecessary veterinary bills. The word fodder is also used in a figurative sense to mean something that is only used for one purpose or is only fit to be used for one purpose. In this sense, the word fodder carries the connotation of abundance. For instance, a Hollywood party may supply endless fodder for gossip. The word fodder is derived from the Old English word fodder, which means food.

A father is the male parent of an offspring. The father is the paternal parent, the mother is the maternal parent. A loving father figure need not be related by paternity. A father may be biological, adoptive or foster, or he may be a stepfather through marriage to the mother. A father may be any many who provides protection and support. The word father is sometimes used metaphorically to mean the founder of an institution or movement, or an invention. The word father is used as a noun or a verb, related words are fathers, fathered, fathering. Father is derived from the Greek word patēr.


A hay grower in the audience said: “The middle man is good, but we all need to get better at communicating” when it came to matching feed requirements with what was available and how fodder growers could better service dairy farmers and vice versa. (The Weekly Times)

Agriculture Victoria has warned the increased movement of hay and grain increases the potential of spreading pests and diseases, while Rachel Taylor-Hukins, NSW Department of Primary Industries grains biosecurity officer said her team had put out a fact sheet regarding potential risks of importing fodder from interstate. (The Western Magazine)

The manhunt for a father who allegedly abducted his three children early Thursday morning, triggering an Amber Alert, ended in the man’s arrest, Michigan State Police said. (The Detroit News)

Laurene, Lisa’s half siblings and her aunt the novelist Mona Simpson have said in a statement to The Times that the book “differs dramatically from our memories of those times,” and “the portrayal of Steve is not the husband and father we knew.” (The New York Times)


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