Firefly and lightning bug

A firefly is a nocturnal beetle that is bioluminescent. There are over two thousand species of fireflies, they are found the world ever. The firefly’s bioluminescence is in its abdominal organs and is used by the males and females to signal each other during courtship. The substance that allows fireflies to emit their light is called luceferin, the color of this light may be yellow, green or even red. The word firefly appears around the 1650s, the plural form is fireflies.

Lightning bug is another term for firefly. Firefly and lightning bug are interchangeable though lightning bug is a North American term, primarily used in the southern United States. The term lightning bug was first used in the late 1770s, the plural form is lightning bugs.


The park will announce the exact dates for the eight-day viewing event that typically is held in late May or early June during the peak of the firefly mating season. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)

And this isn’t for their regular sojourns to the hills or a climb up the cliff; it is the season of firefly treks, which beckon them to venture into the wild. (The Times of India)

“Last year, we had so many people log in online, almost simultaneously, to attempt to reserve a parking pass for the firefly event that the online system and phone system were maxed out,” said Superintendent Cassius Cash said in a release. (The Daily Times)

Maybe next year Indiana lawmakers might find a minute between more important things to give a nod to Thomas Say, his firefly, and a lot of little lightning bug lobbyists from Lafayette. (The Daily Journal)

The Further Adventures of Louie the Lightning Bug is SWEPCO’s fast-paced, action-packed live learning program that involves kids in the subject matter, presents lessons in a way that kids enjoy and helps children remember what they learned about electrical safety long after the show is over. (The Gilmer Mirror)




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