Everyday vs. every day

  • Everyday is an adjective used to describe things that (1) occur every day, or (2) are ordinary or commonplace. In the two-word phrase every day, the adjective every modifies the noun day, and the phrase usually functions adverbially. For example, every day you eat breakfast. You brush your teeth every day. Maybe you go for a walk every day. These are everyday activities.


    When you’re not sure which one to use, try replacing everyday/every day with each day. If each day would make sense in its place, then you want the two-word form. Everyday, meanwhile, is synonymous with daily or ordinary, depending on its sense.



    When Hirohito spoke, few could understand him because he used a language so formal that it was unintelligible to everyday people. [Washington Post]

    His owner says he’s excited to go to work every day. [Calgary Herald]

    Is the trend for using high-end ingredients in everyday recipes going to take off outside restaurants and TV studios? [Guardian]

    In both our cases, every day spent off school was a day spent playing video games. [Sydney Morning Herald]


    1. Thanks this was really helpful

    2. Christine Muchoe says

      very helpful! thanks

    3. Wu Zhihao says

      Very nice piece of information! Thx!

    4. Helpful! Thanks (:

    5. krparkerone says

      Excellent advice on figuring out which to use. I do the same with “you & I” or “you & me”. Thanks!!

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    7. Zev Allison says

      This website is the perfect place for people like me ailed by grammarphobia! and now i’m off to the index to make sure i used the right preposition there! :D

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    9. HarrietM says

      This is exquisitely helpful. THANK YOU!

    10. Pol Hallen says

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    12. It is a good way for us understand how to distinguish the two forms by replace it with each day

    13. disqus_2WE5eZrg16 says

      Very helpful and very easy to remember!

    14. Thanks! This is everyday grammar usage that I can use every day.

    15. so do i read this right

      Start the computer every day at 12noon.

      or I eat everyday at 12 noon.

      is that correct grammar?

    16. I think i understsand what they are saying. if you want someone to do something each day, then its Every Day.

      But if its something you do then its everyday

      example 1: Turn on the computer every day at 12 noon.

      example 2: I each an apple everyday at 12 noon.

      would that be right for the word everyday/every day

      • Back T Normal says

        DJZMAN, your first example is correct but the second is not. Try to use the word ‘ordinary’ instead and you will see that it does not fit into either sentence, so you cannot use ‘everyday’. Using ‘each day’ does makes sense, so you should use ‘every day’.

    17. Thanks for the tip. :)

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