Cursive vs coercive

  • Cursive and coercive are two words that pronounced very similarly and are often confused. We will examine the definitions of cursive and coercive, where these two words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.


    Cursive is an adjective that describes any script in which the letters are joined so that the writing is free-flowing. Cursive is a more rapid method of writing by hand. The flowing, cursive writing of the Arabic language inspired European scribes of the Middle Ages to develop a cursive script for Latin, which was primarily the language being transcribed. School children of the twentieth century were routinely taught cursive writing, though today, that practice is falling by the wayside. With the advent of home computers, most handwriting has fallen out of practice. However, even though many schools have ended the practice of teaching cursive handwriting, some parents and others have argued for the benefits of cursive handwriting. They believe that cursive handwriting provides cognitive benefits as well as hand-eye coordination practice. The word cursive is derived from the Latin word cursus, which means running.


    Coercive is an adjective that describes something related to threats or force. The word coercive is derived from the Latin word coercere, which means to restrain or shut up. Related words are coerce, coerces, coerced, coercing.


    An Aberdeen man recently blasted the Harford County Board of Education because a 2017 graduate he knows could not read cursive writing. (The Baltimore Sun)

    We have developed a system incorporating the best of both systems and removed unwanted features from cursive writing that can mar legibility. (The Hindu)

    The United States, Japan and Australia on Monday urged all claimant countries in the South China Sea to cease land reclamations, constructions and other “coercive unilateral actions” that are changing the disputed area’s landscape. (The Taiwan News)

    “These copyright infringement cases are supposedly an attempt to curb piracy, but they have been criticized as coercive because the copyright owner offers to settle for less than it would cost to hire an attorney to defend the case,” Rose said. (The Phoenix Business Journal)

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