As yet, as of yet

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The common phrases as yet and as of yet are wordy for yet or still (or so far, which often works as a shorter alternative to as of yet). Using one of these phrases is not an error, but they are verbose.


In these examples, as yet and as of yet could be replaced with yet or so far:

Not a lot of info about the theme of the video has been released as of yet but sources tell me it has echoes of JAY-Z’s 99 Problems. [The Sun]

As of yet, there’s no word when the series will be back. [Toronto Sun]

Zuffa has also announced its intentions to bring the UFC back to Japan in 2011, but has made no firm commitment as of yet. [Los Angeles Times]

In these, as yet and as of yet could be replaced with still:

[T]hey could always sell the land at a profit or flog as-yet-unbuilt flats to eager buyers on the back of blueprints alone. [The Economist]

News that he would hold on in an as-of-yet unclear role isn’t likely to ease worries significantly. [Wall Street Journal]

Readers will be asked to pay for the site once they have accessed an as yet unspecified number of articles a month. [The Guardian]

And in these examples, so far would be shorter and perhaps more logical than as of yet:

To me, Tiger seems like the US economy: a victim of excess unable—as of yet—to pick himself up off the mat. [Forbes]

As of yet, no actors are attached to this tuned-up version of “The Bodyguard”. [CNN]