Antlers vs horns

Antlers are branched bony structures grown by mostly male members of the deer family, though female reindeer or caribou also sport antlers. Antlers appear to grow as a pair, though in fact they sprout from a single bony plate located above the skull. Generally, antlers grow from the spring through the summer. Antlers are covered with velvet while growing, once the antlers have achieved their full potential the velvet dries up and is rubbed off by the deer. In the winter and after mating season the antlers fall off the animal.

Horns are bony structures that are encased in keratin. Horns may be straight or curved, not branched. Animals such as sheep, goats, cattle, bison and rhinoceroses grow horns. Horns grow continuously throughout the life of an animal, and are never shed.


One man was arrested for allegedly stealing $20,000 worth of antler sheds from a small family business in Sanpete County. (The Deseret News)

According to Chang, the sambar deer from which the antlers were harvested had a good pedigree, adding that when the deer had its “first cut” three years ago, it had already taken second place for velvet antler weight across the nation. (The Taipei Times)

“The scale of the illicit activity associated with the trafficking of rhino horns by international organized crime networks and the extent of the illegal domestic markets in Asia, we do not believe that a well-managed legal trade is feasible without negative impacts for wild rhinos at this time,” the group said in a statement. (The Huffington Post)

High drama prevailed at a public function on Sunday when senior Congress leaders B Janardhana Poojary, BK Hariprasad and social welfare minister H Anjaneya, who shared the dais, locked horns instead of exchanging pleasantries. (The Times of India)

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