Proviso is a noun that stands for a requirement needing to be met in order for another agreement to be made, a condition or qualification to a set of terms.

The plural is provisos. Provisoes is listed as an accepted alternative; however, this is far less common. So rare we couldn’t find a good example of its use in the English language.

In all, this word has fallen in popularity to a derivative, provision.

Provision can be a synonym for proviso, but can also mean the act of providing something or planning for future possibilities.

However, because of provision’s varied definitions, proviso is preferred for clarity in certain situations.


While BJP has been advocating repealing Article 370 of the Constitution, the PDP has been a strong votary of strengthening the constitutional proviso that gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir within the Indian Union. [The Financial Express]

The proviso is that the NFF would be buying the Adidas kits from the open market since the firm would no longer supply the wears. [The Guardian Nigeria]

Having covered a number of wars in the 1960s and ’70s, I since have bemusedly advised younger would-be war correspondents to keep themselves out of their coverage, albeit with two provisos. [The Wall Street Journal]

Beltre, who turns 36 on the second day of this season, echoed the sentiment, with one provision. [The Dallas Morning News]

She had a provision that if 26 of the states adopted a mandate it would be a mandate nationwide. [Kaiser Health News]

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