Paid vs. payed

Paid is the standard past tense and participle of payPayed was historically used for the nautical senses of pay and in the phrasal verb pay out where what’s payed out is rope. The form still appears occasionally, but paid now prevails even in payed‘s traditional uses.

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  1. The use of the nautical payed is still very much in use and has no common alternatives. To suggest the term is uncommon would point to a lack of experience in that field of usage.

    • Yoo, that’s too funny!! IDK, what’s moar retarded: using “payed”, or using that big sentence to justify the stupidity, LOL! :DD

      • yo man we dont use the word retarded to describe people who make mistakes man wtf you’re on a grammar site grab some knowledge and some respect

        • actually…to the less ignorant, the use of retarded may actually be appropriate. the so-called offensive term/meaning actually derives from its original meaning–to hold back progress. without diving into a circular argument (by using the term it becomes more common)…by using the uncommon word “payed” it could be inferred as defying the progress of language which has seen this word usage outdated. ironically, it seems the word “retarded” is also becoming outdated due to its once popularized usage as a derogatory term.

          • The word “retarded” IS outdated; the word “retarded” IS considered to be a derogatory term today. The usage in the context above was ignorant.

          • i wouldn’t say it is completely outdated because i still see the use of the word “retard” and its variants (e.g. retards, retarded, etc) in various media and subjects such as wikipedia articles, scientific articles, radio/tv etc. basically, it is used in formal outlets, but not so much in informal conversation except as a pejorative.

            my comment was just meant as a quip, since this is a website/forum regarding words and definitions, one might consider terminology in a more literal sense, which was my point–it is ignorant to be unaware of it’s alternate usage. but since you bring up some ultimatum suggesting that the word retarded should not longer be used as it is absolutely derogatory, i must argue otherwise. this particular word is not something originating strictly as a pejorative, it evolved into one through usage. next, you’ll tell me the term gay should be stricken from use altogether despite it still having a meaning beyond its derogatory/slang use.

            btw, your use of the word ignorant in that context was also derogatory.

  2. I was always under the assumption the difference between the two was one being an adjective, and one being a past tense verb. “He payed his bill; the debt is payed/has been payed.” But now the more I type it, the more “payed” just looks like a nautical term. Anyway, I like the diversity. Does anyone here know what diversity means?


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