To jones for something is to want it very badly. It is commonly used with a drug addiction when the addict wants a hit of whatever drug he or she uses.

You can also have a jones or a craving.

The plural is joneses.

The phrase keeping up with the Joneses means to measure yourself or household by what your neighbors do or buy. It started as a comic strip in 1913.

If you are referring to the possessive, it would be Jones’s.


“You know what I see when I look at my wrist. My wrist! Where’s my watch? I am jonesing for some jewelry.” [Toronto Star]

If you have a jones for peripherals, HP will sell the Omen Gaming mouse X9000 for $59.95 and the Omen Gaming Backpack for $79.99. [Laptop Mag]

Jonesing for some old-fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs Cuban food one lunchtime, I found myself at Las Colinas in Wilton Manors. [South Florida]

Keeping up with the Joneses is difficult in Melbourne, particularly when the food world has two Jason Joneses making waves. [The Australian]

I don’t know how much the Joneses have in their 401(k)s, but below is some scuttlebutt about how the average worker is doing, courtesy of reports from Vanguard and Fidelity. [Fox Business]

Two years after Hugh Grant told Mandrake that filming of the second sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary was on hold until the writers had made the script more to his liking, I can disclose that the capricious actor has quit the project for good. [The Telegraph]

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