Inculcate is a verb which means to attain a habit or attitude by repetitive teaching, instilling or internalizing the instruction so it becomes part of the student. Similar to brainwashing without the pejorative connotation.

The term is much more commonly found outside the United States.

It makes inculcates, inculcated, inculcating, inculcation, and inculcator.


The nationwide cleanliness drive launched today is aimed at creating awareness among the people of the country so that they inculcate a habit of keeping their surrounding clean, Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh said. [India TV News]

For a year or two tell people how much this WOULD have cost them. Inculcate a sense of water as a finite resource we use while fixing the system. Then start charging. [Irish Examiner]

In the Orange County Register, he said: “the content of the College Board document inculcates a consistently negative and superficial view of the American experience.” [Santa Fe New Mexican]

Ever since Zambia attained its independence, the slogan – ‘One Zambia One Nation’ – was consistently articulated and inculcated by our founding fathers and mothers. [Vatican Radio]

The association has also raised concern about the country’s spending of gargantuan sum of money annually for curing illness and diseases which should have been preventable if healthy lifestyle is adopted through consumption of plant based diet and call on the Health Ministry to make a concerted effort towards inculcating plant based diet into the school feeding program as well intensify the sensitization of the public on the consumption of plant based diets. [Ghana Web]

The state Commissioner for Environment, Tunji Bello, urged the people to troop out and actively participate in the exercise, stressing that efforts should be concentrated on the cleaning of drains, canals as well as the inculcation of high level of environmental hygiene. [All Africa]

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