About the scholarship  

We LOVE the English language. Yes, we love it. We have set up to help everybody improve their levels of English, both native speakers and foreigners. While offering free content for over a decade and developing new products to help people improve their English, we have decided to help those who study in English improve as well.

We have launched a Scholarship Programme. Now in its first year, our Scholarship Programme is open to individuals of all nationalities who are currently undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study, or secondary school students  at an officially-recognized higher learning institution anywhere around the world. The only criterion is that the studying is conducted in the English language.

This scholarship has initially been designed as a contribution towards essential living or studying costs, such as utilities, travel, books or other study material. However, it is entirely up to the beneficiary how they would make use of the funds. All applications are treated as a one-off, but individuals can apply in future years, and that will be considered on its own merits.


In order to be assessed as eligible for the Programme, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have good command of the English language (possibly a universally recognized certificate, IALTS/FCE/CAE/CPE/TOEFFEL or the like) ;
  • be a senior in high school or currently enrolled in a college / university, or an equivalent course from a recognised educational institution (part-time courses cannot be supported under the Programme);
  • At least 16 years of age;
  • Certain academic achievement at their current level of education (ABB grade or above in A levels or equivalent alternative qualification).


Applicants must submit three documents below with the weighting in brackets:

  1. Essay or video (60%): write 500-700 words or upload a 2-minute video on how our scholarship would help you obtain your degree/ develop your entrepreneurial idea/how you would benefit from it personally and in what way it would have a transformative effect on you.
    There is no set format for this essay: we simply ask that you explain why you feel you are deserving of the scholarship, and how you would make use of the additional funding.
  1. Proof of academic achievement (20%): ABB grade or above in A levels or equivalent alternative qualification.
  1. Reference (20%): One letter of recommendation(must be academic, e.g. from a tutor). You should ask your tutor to write a reference that relates to your application for this fellowship. It should outline your strengths as an applicant, demonstrate your capacity to study at the level required, explain how you would benefit from further study and identify your potential impact in the future.


The online application form, which can be found on the bottom of the page,  is of primary importance as it serves as the basis for assessment. You will find full instructions online when you start a new form. All the sections of the application form have to be filled in before the system allows the form to be submitted. Information can be saved and the application form edited until the applicant chooses to submit.

All applicants are required to submit the following supporting documentation:

–  Certified copies of ID document (the following are acceptable: passport, Birth Certificate, equivalent);

–  Degree certificates (possibly even academic transcripts);

– Academic reference letter from a referee/tutor;

– A curriculum vitae.

Scholarship Process

SUBMISSION DATE: The winner will be announced in February 1st 2018

The winner will be picked by Grammarist team of writers, editors, linguistics and other professional staff.

The first place: the winner gets $1,000 + our IOS app free + yearly subscription to our Chrome extension free.

The second place: the runner-up gets $500 + our IOS app free + yearly subscription to our Chrome extension free

The third place winner gets $250 + our IOS app free + yearly subscription to our Chrome extension free

Places 4-10 will get: our IOS app free + 6 months subscription to our Chrome extension free

Please download our application form and send it with all the relevant document to [email protected]

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Please note that we reserve the right to decline any submission if we have suspension of foul play.

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