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    The Grammar Casino is a fun grammar review game designed to highlight, improve, or solidify knowledge of certain grammar structures. The activity comes as a Word template teachers can edit and adjust to the students level and the target grammar. In the game, students read a sentence. Then, they must decide if the sentence has a grammar mistake or not. They can bet a certain number of points. If the student answered correctly, they will win and increase their point total.

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    1. a “fun grammar game”? “Fun” used as an adjective on this site? Oh, aarrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    2. my students really enjoyed this. they were very competitive about it. i just wish there was more than this one sheet but i guess i can make my own using this format.

    3. And thanks to Common Core (and the idiots that wrote it) all of this will soon be history.

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