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No love lost between two people means that they are not friends, they dislike each other intensely. No love lost may describe any two people, male or female.

The phrase no love lost has interesting origins. In the sixteenth century, no love lost could mean that the couple either hated each other equally or loved each other equally. Unrequited love was considered love lost, so if two people’s sentiments matched in intensity and amount of regard, whether love or hate, then there was no love lost.

Around the year 1800, the term no love lost began to refer only to a situation in which there is ill will between two people.


No love lost between Beau Scott and Cameron Smith (The Sydney Morning Herald)

As these policies are seen being facilitated, driven and implemented by the political class over the years, naturally there is today no love lost between the masses and politicians. (The Daily Post)

Mr Miroglu is himself Kurdish, but his party has no love lost for the HDP; the Kurdish group’s gains in the elections cost AK its ruling majority in parliament. (The Economist)

But as the media praises Sanders’ “socialist” credentials, socialists in the senator’s home state said there’s no love lost between them. ( )

There is no love lost between the clubs after they clashed on and off the field on the opening day of the season. (The Manchester Evening News)

For years the two men exchanged a bitter war of words in hand-written and typed correspondence, showing how there was no love lost in their bizarre relationship. (The Portsmouth News)

There will be no love lost on the side of Swansea’s hierarchy, just regret that relations with one of their most iconic signings broke down so badly. (The Daily Mail)

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