Hue and cry

  • Hue and cry is a phrase that means a public outcry. The term comes from a common law established in the Statute of Winchester in 1285 which called upon any constable or private citizen who witnessed a crime to make a hue and cry to alert other citizens, and to keep up the hue and cry in pursuit of the fleeing criminal from town to town. All men who heard the shouts were to help pursue the criminal until he was caught and presented to the sheriff. Failure to assist upon hearing a hue and cry was a punishable crime. Hue and cry comes from the Norman French legal phrase hu e cri, which literally means outcry and cry.




    A hue and cry ensued over media freedom and why the grave charge of treason had been employed, as the newspaper said, “to train the big guns of the judiciary on the poor bloggers of” (The New York Times)

    Though there is always a hue and cry in this country when the currency depreciates, the fact is that it is good news for exporters. (The Tribune)

    Earlier, environmentalists had raised a hue and cry as 2,224 trees are likely to be affected due to the project—696 from Aarey Colony and 1,528 trees from Bhandup Waterworks Complex. (The Times of India)

    The government reacted only when the textile industry made a hue and cry about the $1 billion losses it sustained in the past six months and a potential $2 billion further loss in the coming months if the industry completely shut down due to the energy shortage. (The Express Tribune)

    Meanwhile we continue to wonder just what on earth it is that Andrew Forrest really wants from the hue and cry he has confected. (Financial Review)


    1. hue … as in hubris? // ruckus or civic disruption //cry … as in cry out? // shout, announce, garner attention //

      Good ol’ hubris. It seems to have roots everywhere.


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