Devil’s food cake

Devil’s food cake is a chocolate cake that is baked mainly in the United States and Canada. A devil’s food cake differs from a chocolate cake in its ingredients. A chocolate cake normally calls for melted chocolate, a devil’s food cake calls for cocoa with the main liquid ingredient being boiling water with baking soda. These ingredients create a richer, more moist devil’s food cake. Presumably, devil’s food cake was created to be the antithesis of the angel food cake, which is extremely light and white. Devil’s food cake was invented in the United States in the early twentieth century, the earliest known recipe appeared in The Janesville Gazette in 1905. The preferred form is devil’s food cake, though devils’ food cake is also acceptable, the plural is devil’s food cakes. National Devil’s Food Cake Day is May 19th.


The devil’s food cookies now contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or preservatives. (The Chicago Tribune)

A light, sweet cream sandwiched between homemade devil’s food discs. (The Boston Globe)

If you were a good kid, you got to finish your meal with a piece of the restaurant’s coveted hot fudge cake — basically, a devil’s food ice cream sandwich topped with a pond of hot fudge and a maraschino cherry. (The Lexington Herald-Leader)

Like a roast chicken, devil’s food cake is a homey, crowd-pleasing, simple dish that will probably taste pretty good no matter what you do to it. (The New York Times)

A few years ago, I did a piece on making your own doughnuts and included a bunch of homemade doughnut recipes: basic cake, devil’s food, yeast-risen and French crullers. (The Los Angeles Times)

Devil’s food chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling, these little treats are reminiscent of a more sophisticated hostess cupcake (The Huffington Post)


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