Baby boomer

A baby boomer is someone born in the years after Word War II. A baby boom is the phenomenon of a higher than normal birthrate, baby booms often occur after the conclusion of a war or when an economy improves after a long decline. Baby boomer is a term used liberally in the United States and also the United Kingdom to refer to the generation born in 1945-1964. Since this group of people is so large, they have had a huge impact on the world, for better or worse. The children of the 1950s were baby boomers, the teens and college students of the 1960s were baby boomers. The baby boomers are also referred to as the Me generation. Inevitably, such a large group of same-aged people will cause ripples in society through every stage of their lives.


How did my own baby boomer generation hijack the notion of manners and turn it into a weakness? (Fortune Magazine)

Research on generational differences in the workplace show that Baby Boomers show higher levels of work centrality, whereby “one identifies with one’s work role and views work as an important aspect of one’s life.” (The Pacific Standard)

Although baby boomers get all the attention for this population explosion, not nearly enough credit is ever given to their parents, who have to go down as the randiest group of procreators in recorded history. (The Hartford Courant)

More Maine seniors are living in poverty than previously thought, but that is merely a teaser for the crisis the state faces as baby boomers reach retirement age by the thousands. (The Portland Press Herald)

While I don’t agree with the born-to-rule attitude of the baby boomer generation, hearing about their experience of the world while growing up helped me make sense of it. (The Daily Telegraph)



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