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How to Use Hope Correctly – Examples

I’m sure you’ve tried hoping for something. But have you expressed that hope accurately? Which verb tense do you use it with? I know, now I’ve confused you! Not to worry, I’ll break everything down for you. My guide will help you discover how to use hope with other verbs in different tenses. I’ll teach you how you can express your hope for the present, past, and future. Hope Meaning As a verb, hope means to desire something good or …

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How to Use Wish – Examples & Worksheet

All of us have wishes for the future. Some might even have wishes for past events. But what is the right way to express these strong desires when writing and speaking? Using wish in a sentence can be tricky because we sometimes use it with other verbs. I’ll show you how you can use wish in grammatically correct sentences. Then, answer the worksheet I made to test your knowledge. How to Use “Wish” To wish means to have a desire …

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Present Perfect Tense Exercises (With Printable Worksheet)

So, you think you’ve mastered the present perfect tense? It took me a while to figure it out. This verb tense uses the auxiliary verb has or have plus the past participle form of the verb. It also has three main uses in sentences. My present perfect tense exercises will check your knowledge and understanding of the verb tense. The first worksheet I made is a multiple-choice type, while the second and third practice exercises will ask you to rewrite …

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Present Simple Exercises (With Printable Worksheet)

You might already know that the simple present tense is used to describe actions currently or regularly occurring. But are you smart enough to apply your knowledge? Don’t worry. I’m going to teach you how! I made some simple present tense exercises with answers to measure your understanding of the verb tense. Answer the three worksheets provided, then check your answers using the answer key. Good luck! What is Present Simple Tense? This one is really easy to remember. The …

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Future Continuous Tense – Uses, Examples, & Worksheet

The future continuous tense not only shows when a future action will occur or be completed. This verb tense also indicates that the future action will continue for a specific period. I’ll go over the future continuous forms and uses with sentence examples, so follow along! I also included a worksheet that will test your understanding of the verb tense. Let’s get started! What is the Future Continuous Tense? The future continuous, future progressive, or “will be” verb tense denotes …

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Future Perfect Tense – Uses & Examples (With Worksheet)

We use different tenses whenever we place verbs into sentences without even realizing it. One example is the future perfect tense, also known as the will have tense. Once you finish reading my article, you will have understood the English verb usage of future perfect tenses. I promise! What is the Future Perfect Tense? You already know that a verb is a part of speech that expresses time while showing action, existence, or condition. We learn that pretty early on …

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Past Continuous Tense – Uses, Examples, & Worksheet

The past continuous tense is one of the many English tenses used to express a progressive or ongoing action that happened in the past. You see it used all the time in popular fiction books. You can use it as affirmative, negative, and question sentences. Find out the different uses and forms of the past continuous tense as I lay it all out for you. Then, challenge yourself to a downloadable exercise I made. What Does Past Continuous Mean? In …

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Verb Tenses – Uses, Examples & Worksheet

A verb tense is a grammatical construct that modifies the verb to represent time. Learning the different tenses of verbs will help you express the reality of time in your speech and writing alongside using time expressions. Keep reading to learn the uses and examples of verb tenses in English as I break it all down. Then, test your understanding by answering the worksheet I created. What is a Verb Tense? Before understanding what a verb tense is, it helps …

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How to Use Commas with Names and Titles Correctly

Were you once taught that a comma is always used to introduce a person’s name or a title of a work in a sentence? You were taught incorrectly, and this is one of the most confusing grammar rules for both new and experienced English writers. Although subtle, using commas when they are not needed can create confusing breaks in the flow of your writing, and learning how to use them correctly is important. Luckily, proper comma usage with names and …

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What is Simple Past Tense? Uses & Examples (With Worksheet)

I use the simple past tense when talking about actions and processes that started and finished before the present moment. The best example I can give is to picture describing what you did yesterday morning. The simple past is one of the most straightforward tenses in the English language, but you need to know a few rules to master it. Keep reading as I explain what the simple past tense is and how to use it in a sentence. What …

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