W00t is a relatively new word that is spelled with both letters and numbers. We’ll look at where the term w00t came from and where it is used, as well as provide a few examples.

W00t first appears in the mid-1990s, online. W00t is an exclamation of joy, of triumph, of success. The word w00t is an example of leet, which is an online language that consists of letters and numbers combined into words. There is some discussion as to the origin of the word w00t. Some link it to the song Whoot, There It Is performed by 95 South, others link it to the song Whoomp! (There It Is) performed by Tag Team. Others find no link to these songs. Instead, it is believed that the words were coined in online multi-player games in the 1990s, games such as Ultima and Everquest. Others link it specifically to the game Quake, as w00t could be said to mimic the sound the avatar made when jumping. W00t is said to be a portmanteau of the words wondrous loot or wow! loot, with zeros replacing the letter “0” to reinforce the loot aspect of the term. In 2007 the Merriam-Webster Dictionary proclaimed w00t its word of the year. W00t also appears in the Oxford English Dictionary, but Oxford spells w00t in a more conventional way with letters, as in woot. The word w00t is mostly found in electronic communications, such as social media, emails, games, websites and blogs.


W00t! The OED Catches Up With the Rest of Us (Discover Magazine)

The name stems from the internet slang “w00t”, which is used to express happiness or excitement. (The HIndu)

phrases about cloud computing, including the distinction between private and public clouds, and what someone might mean by exclaiming “w00t!” (The New York Times)

It’s even in the dictionary now, the real one, not the urban one (along with hashtag, truthiness and w00t–but we digress.) (The Huffington Post)

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